Window of Authorization: Generic

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This page describes the Window of Authorisation concept within COINS.

Access Permissions
The Window of Authorization is a standard Reference Framework of Coins for defining permissions to read, write or restrict access to information supplied in the information model. The framework contains classes which specify the permissions for accessing members of the Coins 2.0 Object class. These permissions are subclasses of the ObjectPermissions class.

Permissions are:

  • NoAcces; members of this class can not be accessed (neither for reading nor for writing)
  • ReadAccess; members of this class can be accessed for reading but not for writing)
  • WriteAccess; members of this class can be accessed for reading and writing.

This figure gives an illustrative representation of how implementation of the Window of Authorszation reflects in a Building Information Model: - the red elements are not visible because they are typed as NotAccess - the blue elements are visible, but not editable (ReadAccess) - the green elements are visible and editable (WriteAccess)

Permissions for a member of the Coins 2.0 Object class are set by typing it also as a member of the applicable Permission class. This Permission class is available in this Reference Framework.

The ObjectPermission class has two additional attributes:

  • layerDepth; property for defining the number of levels the permission is valid (following the linkAccess properties)
  • linkAccess; defines the objecttype property to use for determining the layer depth.

The Window of Authorization file is called COINSWOA.rdf.

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