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This page describes the Coins Navigator. This tool shows the concepts of Coins in an application.

At this moment the Coins Navigator is developed on base of Coins 2.0.

WARNING: The objective of the COINS Navigator is aimed primarily as a demonstration tool. As a result it performs well with small containers, however, because its architecture as an in-memory application, its use for importing large containers is strongly discouraged. This typically includes all containers that import the Rijkswaterstaat object type library. As a rule of thumb the performance is acceptable for containers with roughly max. 10,000 COINS entity instances, though it may be necessary to increase the heap size of the involved Java runtime engine.

  • The COINS Navigator 2 can be downloaded using the following link.Coins Navigator 2 download
  • Installation:
    • The COINS Navigator is a Java desktop application and needs a Java runtime environment (JRE), which may already be available on your platform (Java version 8+).
    • Unzip the download file into a folder where you have write permission.
    • Double click the Java archive (.jar) file.
  • For a quick start use the following tutorial based on the COINS 2.0 Starter kit. Coins Navigator 2 Starter Kit