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The COINS Container is the COINS mechanism for exchange of object related content and associated documents between the various users/contributors of BIM data.

It is a zip-file with the extension .CCR and a predefined folder structure for the content (data and document files).

Coins Container folder structure

The root of the COINS Container folder structure contains three folders:

  1. BIM: the file with the actual information regarding the (building) construction (the “BIM model”), is placed in the BIM folder. If the Coins Core Model and / or Reference Frameworks are part of the exchange, these files have to be placed in the Repository folder (a subfolder of the BIM folder).
  2. WOA: the WOA folder is reserved for the Window of Authorization file, called woa.rdf.
  3. DOC: the doc folder contains all associated documents referenced from the BIM model in the BIM folder. Here we may find the additional files that are part of the exchange, like 3D representation files, text documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Enclosing Documents

When creating a COINS Container, Documents referenced by Objects in the BIM file by a InternalDocumentReference, are added to the DOC folder of the COINS Container file.

Documents referred to by a ExternalDocumentReference need not to be included, since the reference is exchanged by referring to the location (URI) of the document.

If copies of the document are both available on the web and on the local file system of the exporting party, a choice has to be made to either reference the document with a link to a copy in the doc folder or to reference it with a web link. If different document versions are referenced as a copy in the doc folder and as a weblink the document instance in the container has precedence over the weblink document instance.

If the document file is physically located in the doc folder of the COINS Container, the object which contains the reference to the document needs to be updated because the original file path is not relevant anymore. By convention the file path is then reduced to just the file name. In case of multiple documents with the same name but from different file locations, an extra digit or letter should be added to prevent unintentional overwriting. When importing Documents from a COINS Container and storing them on a local file system, the InternalDocumentReference-properties of the Objects referring to these documents have to be updated with the new location.

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