CoinsCore:Vector Class

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Vector is a subclass of ComplexPropertyValue. It serves as specifier for a vector, therefore it has 3 attributes for a X-, Y- and Z-coordinate. These attributes must hold a value; they can not be empty.

Vector is disjoined with Locator, EntityProperty and Party.

Vector is not an abstract class; it can be instantiated, but since it is a ComplexPropertyValue, it can not exist by itself. In the Coins Core Model it has to be referred to by a CartesianLocator or subclass thereof.

The Vector class can be extended.

The nextTrunkVersion is restricted to one other instance of Vector.

* New in COINS 2.0

Informative representation in UML

Informative representation of Vector in UML

This image shows the informative representation of the Vector class.


Name Type Description
xCoordinate FloatProperty Exactly one value representing the X-coordinate.
yCoordinate FloatProperty Exactly one value representing the Y-coordinate.
zCoordinate FloatProperty Exactly one value representing the Z-coordinate.

Formal Representation in RDF/XML

 <owl:Class rdf:ID="Vector">

   <rdfs:label xml:lang="en-GB">Vector</rdfs:label>
   <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en-GB">3D Vector specifier.</rdfs:comment>

   <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="#ObjectPropertyValue"/>

   <owl:disjointWith rdf:resource="#CartesianLocator"/>
   <owl:disjointWith rdf:resource="#Party"/>
   <owl:disjointWith rdf:resource="#CbimProperty"/>

   <isClassAbstract rdf:datatype="xsd:boolean">false</isClassAbstract>
   <isClassExtendable rdf:datatype="xsd:boolean">true</isClassExtendable>

       <owl:onProperty rdf:resource="#nextTrunkVersion"/>
       <owl:allValuesFrom rdf:resource="#Vector"/>

   <classCreator rdf:resource="#COINSTechnicalManagementGroup"/>
   <classCreationDate rdf:datatype="xsd:dateTime">2016-04-04T12:00:00.000</classCreationDate>
   <classVersionID rdf:datatype="xsd:string">1.0</classVersionID>