COINS Navigator

The COINS Navigator (formerly known as the COINS Test Tool) is a reference implementation to demonstrate the principles that lie at the bottom of the COINS standardization development. The application has the following features:

  • creating a C-BIM model
  • editing all aspects of a C-BIM model
  • loading/saving a C-BIM model
  • importing/exporting a COINS Container
  • simulate a COINS Building Information System (CBIS)
  • demonstrate the COINS version management system
  • merging C-BIM models
  • report generation in Excel or HTML format
  • switch between layer view and object tree view
  • build and link to COINS object libraries
  • link to external object libraries (CROW Cheobs, BuildingSMART IFD Library, ETIM)
  • specify and checking a Window of Authorization
  • link and visualize IFC models and/or PMO models
  • import planning data from Primavera of MSProject
  • link with the VISI building management data standard (under development)

The COINS Navigator can freely be downloaded, used and further distributed.

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