Introduction to the COINS-system

COINS 1.0 (2010) Introduction

Approved by the COINS projectgroup, July 2010


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This page features an introduction to the COINS system. The COINS system is an open standard for the construction industry; it provides a collection of working methods and information agreements to facilitate the realisation of new structures. The following links provide access to further information on various aspects.

The COINS system is a coherent system of agreements on the recording, transfer and management of building information.

The Building Information Model was designed to ensure that the various parties have access to the appropriate information throughout the structure’s entire lifecycle.

The COINS Container is the data exchange format used to transfer BIM information between the various construction partners. The application of BIM will require information management.

Efficient application of available knowledge thanks to access to internal and external libraries.

The application of BIM is illustrated by means of a 'highly straightforward example’.

Mandatory application is part of the implementation strategy. A roadmap will set out the various required steps.

The COINS system is closely aligned with other standards and methods relevant to the construction industry, such as IFC, VISI, Object libraries, SE and others.

The system can be initially applied on a small scale within an organisation or project and subsequently be upscaled on the basis of an implementation strategy.

Specifications regarding alignment of the COINS system with applications or information systems have been made available.

The COINS quality mark was developed to help ensure that the COINS system is properly implemented in software products.

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The COINS system is an open standard. The contents of the standard are freely available. Reuse of the standard is not subject to any restrictions.

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